How to prepare for a Boudoir Photoshoot

The beauty of boudoir photography is the fact that it’s all about you! When deciding what outfits to wear for your shoot, make sure that you choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable and sexy. Your favorite piece of lingerie is a great place to start, but if that’s not your style go with what you know. For example, an oversized shirt and long socks is cute and comfy, a sexy cocktail dress gives you a unique look, and don’t forget, you could always choose the bare-naked route. ;)

Utah boudoir photographer

Buying lingerie:

The most important thing when purchasing lingerie is to wear your correct size. So many women are wearing the wrong bra size, or do not know their correct size. Many lingerie stores have staff that are well trained to fit you for the correct bra.

Purchase lingerie that fits you now. It will look and feel better than an outfit that you're hoping to fit into at a later date. Be confident and rock clothes that are right for your body right now!

Utah boudoir photographer

Prepare before the shoot:

If needed make an appointment before your shoot to get roots retouched, split ends trimmed, etc,.

Remove chipped nail polish, or schedule nail appointment to get your nails done.

If you’re not comfortable with body hair showing in your photos make sure to shave. Try on lingerie ahead of time to determine whether or not you’ll want to schedule a bikini wax.

Listen to your body. Schedule your shoot a week or more after your period to avoid any bloating or discomfort. Drink lots of water, avoid alcohol and salty foods.

Protect your skin. Use sun-screen, avoid excessive sun, self-tanners and tanning beds.

Decide if you'll be wearing glasses or contacts. 

Utah boudoir photographer

What to bring to the shoot:

Along with your outfits, these accessories always look great on camera and help to tie your look together:

-Your favorite pair of high heels or cute shoes (You can never go wrong with Nude, or Black heels)

-Thigh high tights or long socks

-Garter belt

-Special jewelry (pearls from your significant other, wedding/engagement rings, dangly earrings, etc,.)

-Props that show off your personality and style. (Handcuffs, Shibari ropes, silk eye mask, your partners tie, a fan, your favorite book, etc,.)

- A silk robe (comfy and cute!)

On the day of your shoot:

Wear clear or spray-on deodorant that won’t clump up.

Wear loose fitting clothing. Avoid bras or tight jeans that could leave impressions or red marks in your skin.

Arrived fresh-faced and ready for the make-up artist


Utah boudoir photographer

Most importantly:

Relax and enjoy the day! You’re in good hands :)

If you need inspiration for clothing ideas, head over to this pinterest board I've created just for you!