Boudoir Session - On Location at the most adorable SLC Airbnb with Casey

I shot this mini-session with Casey a few weeks ago when I rented this super cute Airbnb with a few weeks ago. I love getting out of the studio from time to time and shooting in new locations. It switches things up, it challenges me and it keeps things fresh. 

Casey shoot was the last of the day in a string of mini-sessions and we had so much fun laughing and chatting and jamming out to Mary Lambert. We definitely lost track of time and went over our 30-minute session but it was so worth and such a blast! Here's a few of our faves from her session :)

Salt lake city boudoir

How did you feel when you saw your images for the first time?

I loved them! Essie captured my personality—especially the sexy side of my personality—really, really well. I knew who I was looking at and was happy to see her. I looked confident, I looked comfortable, and I looked sexy. I loved them.


Would you recommend doing a boudoir photo shoot to a friend?

Without a doubt! It’s a great way to learn more about your body in an environment that encourages you to love it.


salt lake city boudoir

Has doing this photo-shoot changed the way you look at yourself?

Essie’s work let me see myself as sexy. I am comfortable in my body to begin with, so this shoot was more a chance to extend that comfort, and in new directions.


What was your favorite photo from the shoot, and why?

Ooh, good question! I think my favorite is the one where I’m holding a pillow to my body as I laugh at something Essie and I were talking about. My easy comfort, happy smile, and still present sexiness is beautiful.


salt lake city boudoir
salt lake city boudoir

Overall, how did you describe your Essie Dolly Boudoir experience, from start to finish?

Fabulous. 100%. I loved the time spent, I loved the results, I loved the process.

salt lake city boudoir
salt lake city boudoir photography
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salt lake city boudoir
salt lake city boudoir photography
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Oh and by the way, if you ever need a sweet place to stay in Salt Lake City next to Liberty Park definitely check out this Airbnb. The owner was the sweetest and I loved her place!

Salt Lake City Airbnb