Boudoir Session - In the studio with Tommy

Shooting with Tommy was a dream! I first met Tommy at a work christmas party back when I was still working for Blue Boutique. She was so sweet and kind and I was blown away by her beauty, I thought to myself then "I really want to take her photos someday" well fast forward to months later, my wish finally came true!

The hour I spent with her shooting in my studio was so much fun. We laughed and chatted as I clicked away and even as I scrolled through the unedited versions of her photos after the session, I knew that It was going to be hard to pick my favorites because she totally rocked it!  

I asked her some follow-up questions after the session because I wanted to know how she felt about the experience. Here are her words, and some of our favorite images from her boudoir photoshoot:

Utah boudoir photographer

How would you describe your experience with me during the photoshoot?

I loved it <3 You are so sweet and easy to be comfortable with.  Especially since I'm the kind of person who easily uses being goofy for a defense mechanism when i'm not feeling myself. 

You just played with that and made it a part of the photoshoot so that it really portrayed my personality.

How did you feel when you saw your images for the first time?

I knew they were going to be beautiful, but wow! The studio really looked like a natural setting and the lighting and editing was beautiful.

Utah red head

Would you recommend doing a boudoir photo shoot to a friend?

Definitely, I already have!

If this was a gift for your partner, what was their reaction?

I did show them to my boyfriend and he loved them!

Utah hair stylist

Has doing this photo-shoot changed the way you look at yourself?

I definitely have things I need to work on, just like anyone else, and I noticed those things of course; but a lot of the insecurities that I have when it comes to showing so much of my skin were seen differently in these photos. 

Being a bigger girl I get insecure from my cellulite on my butt, but my ass looked fine as hell in those booty shots! If my stretch marks were showing in any of the photos I think the beauty of the shot overall made me not notice them like I normally would.

Also, this may seem silly because people tell me I have a pretty smile, but I have a slight insecurity with my teeth. I've pretty much grown out of it and realized I look the way I look so I will have to accept it, but I didn't come from the most loving family and got often told I had large "horse" teeth. So, with that, thank you for helping me to see what other people see, because I really did feel like my smile was beautiful when I saw these. 

Utah boudoir photographer

What was your favorite photo from the shoot, and why?

There were A LOT that I liked so that's kind of hard, but I think my favorite was the one in my black robe and black teddy on the bed on my stomach with my heels in the back ground and I'm smiling. 

The photo in a whole is beautiful, but that's the picture where I was like "wow, I really do have a pretty smile." It was such a real smile with all the face crinkles ha ha 

Utah plus size boudoir photographer

Overall, How would you describe your boudoir experience, from start to finish?
 From start to finish you made me feel comfortable and it was FUN which I think is really important being in such an intimate setting.